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Design Trend: The Modern Banner

Wednesday, June 23rd, 2010

I’ve come across a recent design trend. It’s a very clean, simple, modern banner graphic. There’s a beautiful shop in Gastown using this in their logo. (Old Faithful Shop)

Have you discovered more of these banners? If so, comment below with some links! Or send us a tweet @cowieandfox


Pantone Moods on Facebook

Tuesday, September 29th, 2009

You can now add an application on Facebook where you express what mood you’re in, via various pantone colours. Sure it’s a little bit useless, but I find it a fun addition for artistic graphic designer types such as myself.

Find out more at:


There’s a limited colour palette at the moment, but if you check their page soon, there should be more colour trends coming, they say that they rotate the palettes.

Express your mood at:

2010 Colour Forecast

Thursday, July 2nd, 2009

Last week I went to a designer colour premiere show. They discussed trends for 2010.

They went through everything from, interior design to fashion to cars and more, but to be honest it wasn’t that impressive, and to me colour
forecasting is different everywhere so don’t take this like it’s written in stone of course!!

    Here’s some rough notes from the show:


  • Handmade
  • hand works
  • hand knitted

Luxury is key:

  • GOLD GOLD GOLD (probably due to the recession, bling is now going to be in, to prove that you’d still got “it” ? who knows)
  • liquid metallics, high gloss materials
  • shows custom flight bars for your customized jet.
  • silk embroidery
  • The use of bold colours in alternative combinations. Colours you wouldn’t think go together are now paired.
  • Grey and muted tones off set with bright bold colours¬†ex: bright pink with a silver metallic grey
  • airbrushed shading (sort of looked like gradients of monochrome colour)
  • Optical black and white patterns

Eco Chic is very in still:

  • naturals, BEIGE!!
  • cardboard, felt, plywood, raw materials etc…
  • think of your natural earth surroundings and translate that into design
  • Handmade from recycled/found objects
  • monochrome colour schemes
  • bronze, gold, yellow
  • citron, orange, copper, pumpkin
  • plum, purple, grape combine with greys, mauves

True greens:

  • citrus
  • grass
  • acidic
  • menthol
  • lime green mixed with avocado green

Not related to what we do really, but they showed that the modern kitchen will look like something from the 70s…frilly curtains, old style cabinets, avocado green…it was so horrible people were walking out of the presentation. I don’t believe that trend will last very long…I understand that retro is cool and all, but that’s just wrong.

That’s about all i grabbed from them. I think our generation is more up to date with what’s going on, but it’s all really trivial in the end.