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One Hundred Days

Friday, August 27th, 2010

One Hundred Days is a bold 100 day long experience inspired by the unique collaboration of graffiti art and innovative cuisine. Using the stripped down dining room and exterior of the restaurant as his canvas, local artist Vince Dumoulin will be enhancing his work over time, making each visit unique.

The ever-changing space will serve as a backdrop to the raw, urban and industrial décor. The talented chefs at One Hundred Days will create a tantalizing menu where urban diner meets Mediterranean cuisine inspired by the art surrounding them. Located in the world renowned OPUS Hotel Vancouver, the pop up restaurant concept reinforces the brand’s reputation of being uniquely stylish and always fresh.



Japadog Hype

Friday, May 29th, 2009

I recently joined the hype and tried Japadog for the first time. It all started with bad service at a restaurant, my friend and I walked out after waiting forever for food, we were starving, so we wandered around for a while and eventually decided Japadog would be perfect.

The line was so long, I was really confused about what to order. In the end I went with veggie misomayo and turkey teryimayo. That was the first mistake right there, ordering 2 hotdogs was far too much.


After 45 minutes, we were finally eating.

In the end I think it was tasty at first, but far too salty and the bread was really doughy. I won’t be going back there for a long time, but I do think that if you haven’t tried it, it’s definately worth experiencing just once, but you should walk over to the Coal Harbour location, it’s on the water and there’s never any line up!